Dramatic Theatre – Diploma Project
Sopot - Poland
Technical University of Gdańsk Diploma of the year 2010 SARP Wybrzeże Nominee for Polish Diploma of the year 2011 Sopot city President's Award 2010 for best diploma project located in Sopot, Poland Most of the volume is hidden underground as most of the rooms in theatre don't need daylight. Workshops and all the administrative is located on the First Floor so the daylight is provided. Basically building is divided into 2 parts. Theatre buikding and additional car park for surrounding University buildings both of with can work separately. Close surrounding of Park affected character of the building which in it's simplicity is putting further emphazis on the surroundings. Flytower is the dominant and thanks to putting Experimental Scene on top it becomes a strong landmark. Author: Adrian Mania Promoter: Andrzej Prusiewicz