Lights of Non-Existing Spaces
"Lights of Non-Existing Spaces" is a collection of architectural visualisations produced during last 2 years, while working in a design studio. However, presented in abstruse form using the abstract play of light and geometry. These are projects that will never be realized and thus are doomed for oblivion. Nevertheless it seems worthy to consider their impact on reality. A multitude of virtual studies that are spread out in the internet effect in a creation of certain trends in design which affect physical side of an architecture. In the end we can observe both realities penetrate each other giving unique results. "Lights of Non-Existing Spaces" is also a project questioning the way of presenting architectural projects nowadays. Are the hyperrealistic visualisations, that in theory are suppossed to show reality, not as artificial as a TV advertisement? Isn't the simple linear drawing more honest form? On the other hand though why supress artistical expression and not think about visualising architectural projects in a form of abstract graphical impression?